Mortimer Community Fibre Partnership

Why superfast Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) home broadband?

Delivers up to 900 MB/s upload and download speeds

Multiple users can work or play at once with its always-on reliable connection

Interuption-free service that replaces overhead cables with fibre running underground from “exchange” to home

Who benefits most?

TV viewers, gamers, students and business users alike, including when all multiple users need fast internet at once.

Who qualifies?

Mortimer residents and businesses, who are unable to get fibre broadband from Gigaclear, and whose address is shown on this online directory.

Small/ medium businesses with annual turnover of under EUR50 million, who are a limited company, sole trader or charity and operate from the Mortimer address are encouraged to apply because their inclusion attracts a higher government grant voucher. (If you just work at home, for a business based elsewhere, please register as a residential user).

How much will it cost?

Packages are available from multiple providers at prices ranging from about £30 per month, depending on provider/package/options.

When will it be available?

If enough residents and businesses confirm intent to take up Fibre broadband by joining a group application for Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) (free) vouchers to fund the cabling to the properties, it is expected work to start in about 12 months.

Sign up process

1. Enter your postcode in the ‘can I get Gigaclear’ box on the Gigaclear web site. Only if your postcode is NOT listed, proceed to step 2.

2. Check that your address is listed for inclusion on this list. If it is, proceed to step 3. If your property postcode is listed, but not the property number, you may still proceed to step 3, but inb this case please write “my postcode is listed but by property number is not” when prompted to “comment”.
(If your postcode is NOT list, please do not proceed further – it means Mortimer Community Fibre cannot serve your property).

3. Add your property and contact details to the community application for the free government installation vouchers (to pay for connection of our homes/businesses to the service), by completing this form

There’s more information on Community fibre here

In completing the form you agree that (if and only if) your home/business gets connected, you will take out a contract with one of the available Fibre to the Premises providers. The information contained in this leaflet is collated by Jo Emberson-Wines and Cllr Nick Carter, based on information obtained from Openreach. Whilst we’ve tried to make sure all information is accurate, no liability for errors is implied or accepted.

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