Q: Why’s Kingsclere Guitar Society’s playing in Mortimer?.

A: One of its members (Nick Carter) lives in the village and another (David Watson) lives in Burghfield Common. The group is keen to perform it’s new concert in multiple venues and also fund raise. Nick who’s organising the Mortimer concert. started playing guitar aged 9 by pure chance at junior school, when an inspiring teacher decided to ask some pupils if they wanted to try the guitar.  Guitar was quite an unusual school instrument in those days.  Nick joined Valerie Gover’s small group and later went on to study with Peter Cracknell.  Peter also tested cars for a motoring magazine – somehow the Lotus Cortina is an abiding memory. Nick studied  under Peter to Grade 8 and went on to become Associate of the London College of Music at 18.  He played, taught and occasionally performed until the 90s, when one of the E strings broke.  In 2012 Nick met Steve Grant a rather more self motivated local guitarist. Steve invited him to join KGS, a relaxed and friendly group,  as a good way to get back into playing.   Joining a group was good advice.   Playing in a guitar group encourages the exchange of ideas and discovery of new music.  For most players it also reduces the pressure on performing, unless, like baby balloon’s parents, you fear that “if he lets himself down he’s going to let us down too”.


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