Parish Council Election – 6 May 2021

Four candidates are standing to fill three vacancies on the council

The election takes place at the Community Centre on Thurs May 6.

The statement of persons nominated is here

The candidates promotional information is published below



Amanda Mardsen

Having lived in Mortimer for the last 18 years, this is my opportunity to serve and give back to the Community and environment I have been so very fortunate to be a part of.

In Mortimer, there are so many amazing people who work tirelessly and selflessly to serve our Community, with our Parish Council at the heart of these efforts, operating at grass roots level of local government. Your Councillors can comment on and assist with implementing many matters of vital local importance, not least in conjunction with both Borough and County Councils.

I believe that local representation should be accountable and accessible with Residents completely confident in their ability to receive help and guidance on local issues. I relish the prospect of making a proactive contribution as a Councillor representing the aims and ideals of all residents

My career has been centred around people.  As an HR Business Partner my remit has been to identify and facilitate the environment, development, and opportunities for people to learn and grow in a supportive holistic community.  I believe the skills, experience and commitment I offer will be of value to the Parish and to fellow Councillors.

One of my interests is in maintaining the difficult balance between the preservation and protection of our rural environment – conserving our beautiful countryside for all to safely enjoy; without restricting the development of the diverse range of facilities which are so very necessary for all ages in our community.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I will be contactable by phone and email, and very much look forward to hearing from you to learn about and assist you with any concerns or ideas you have about local matters.


Geoff Canton

Hi, I’m Geoff Canton. As you are probably aware there is an official election on May 6th for the 3 currently vacant seats on the Stratfied Mortimer Parish Council. I have
been nominated to stand in this election for one of those seats. This notice tells you a little about me so that you can decide whether you wish to vote for me as one of your 3 choices for
Parish Council in this election. I do hope you will!

I have lived in the village for the past few years having lived just down the road in Calcot for more than 30 years prior to that. My association with Mortimer goes back a lot further than that though as one of my uncles lived in the village for much of his life. We had regular family visits to him in the village starting about 45 years ago. Consequently, I have watched many
changes occur in the village and I have been positively struck by a strong community spirit / village mindset that works hard to preserve a village feel yet one that moves with the times.
I see and value that community spirit all around us today. That includes, amongst many examples, the Covid pandemic support networks; the Buy Nothing Mortimer Facebook page and the
voluntary transport services to help people get to their shopping and medical appointments. That mindset should be treasured and preserved as the village evolves to keep up with the times.
On a more personal note I recently retired after a career of more than 35 years with a large company. I had many roles ranging from Sales and Marketing, Operations & Logistics management to Strategic Planning and large Project Management. I would now like to spend part of my time as part of the Parish Council team to use some of the skills I acquired during my
career for the benefit of the community. I’m sure I will bring some additional ideas, but I also believe that the idea itself counts for nothing without the excellent execution of a project to deliver the idea. I am not afraid to “get stuck in” to a challenge whatever the idea is that the council team or the wider community has identified. I am confident that I will contribute to the
Parish Council and that you and the rest of the electorate will not regret voting for me. I respectfully request that you use a vote to help elect me to fill one of the three vacant seats.

Thank You



Kevin Johnson

To whom it may concern, I am standing again as a Parish Councillor for Stratfield Mortimer on 6 May. Until September last year I was on the Parish council but due to Covid and heavy work commitments I was unable to continue in the role. But less said about that and more about me and my plans. I was born in Nightingale Lane in 1965 and have lived in the village ever since. My late father and mother were well know within the parish and due to them, I feel I still have a lot to give. I cannot promise to attend every meeting due to my current shift patterns at work and I hope you can appreciate that we all have bills to pay, since being a Parish Councillor is an unpaid voluntary roll. I will ensure, though, that I give my input to the chairman of each of these meetings to ensure my voice is heard.

I hope to try and continue the work started previously as a councillor in getting the Youth of the village things that they are asking for and getting them involved so they have some input in any decisions made and take ownership of these decisions.

This lovely village of ours will expand over the years. I for one am happy with change but wish to have a voice in those changes.

Housing will be one of those changes as defined in the West Berks 2020 – 2036 strategy, which will have some impact on the housing needs in our part of Berkshire but the current Stratfield Mortimer NDP should help to dictate the required housing requirements needed with in the village boundary.

The young adults born and raised in this Parish are being forced to move away as the current housing stock is either to expensive or not adequate for current needs so I feel that we need to address this issue a lot sooner before we have a mental health crisis within West Berks that will overtake the current needs/requirements of our elderly parishioners.

Please vote for me on May 6th so I can get back to doing something I enjoy.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Johnson, 4 The Bevers, Mortimer.


Scott Seton

To all Residents of Stratfield Mortimer. I am Scott Seton of 21 Stephens Firs, Mortimer and am one of the 4 candidates standing for the Parish Council. For a while now I have been considering how I can give back to our community. I see the role of Parish Councillor as both providing me an opportunity to do this whilst also, hopefully, allowing me to represent our voices on matters so important to us all.

So who am I, and what is important to me? I have lived here for 8 years and although still fairly new, in comparison to others, I am passionate about our village and the importance of what it offers to all who live, work or visit here. I have 2 sons, my youngest attends the Pre-School and my eldest is in Year 1 at St Johns and so it is fair to say I am keen to ensure they grow up in an environment that is supportive, safe and open for them and all of our young people.

But a community is more than just our young folk, we are all different whether that be in age, race, religion or sexuality and our Parish should be a place where we all fit in and hopefully have access to what we each need. My 20 year career has taught me that we all have our own ‘story’ and our own needs but there is often commonality and by working together we can make a difference.

What else can tell I you? I grew up playing local league football, cricket and more recently hockey and have always enjoyed walking, running (not so much nowadays!) or cycling. So having the right space and having access to the countryside is definitely important to me and my family and was one of the main reasons we moved to this wonderful village. Whilst protecting our green space is important I am also realistic and pragmatic in understanding that housing and development is needed and inevitable, but would like to see this achieved in collaboration with all parties to achieve the best for all. Should I be elected as a Parish Councillor I am committed to listening to and representing the views of our community. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for taking to time to read this and if you feel I can represent you please do vote for me.

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